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With every new project, our very first step is the "Approval"  This is an important stage, because it sets out the subsequent stages of our five-point quality procedure from start to finish. In simple terms, the "Approval" sets out our fee for what we say and agree to do for each of our five stages. To kick-start the process, we suggest our obligation-free fee proposal which sits in our terms and conditions below and is based on your property details and choices. We add, that throughout the process our confidential and professional manner can be assured and that your information remains confidential. You might ask, how long will the entire process to take? Commissions can be completed from start to finish in a matter of months, however, it’s important to realise, each project is unique in size and complexity and passes through our Five‐Point quality procedure in a unhurried manner. Wilmar Schütz prides itself on quality and its unique factor where ‘Art Meets Architecture’ so; depending on workflow, size and complexity of the project we conservatively allow a turn around time of about six months. View Terms and Conditions We warmly welcome your inquiry where ever you may be.


1. Approval


Establishing existing conditions is undoubtedly, one of the most important tasks to get right on any project and can involve a reasonable input of time and sadly, not given the importance that it deserves, or worse, is poorly done. Whether or not existing plans are available to us, the physical features of the building need to be verified. Most projects fall into one of three categories where naturally, each category attracts a different fee structure;   view Terms and Conditions. 1. Existing plans are available; If you have these, this makes it easier and less expensive for the client. 2. Existing conditions need to be established by an experienced local building practitioner in your area. 3. Wilmar Schütz specialise in the field of survey and can offer this service locally or overseas by arrangement. We realise of course, that your geographical location may not coincide with ours, however, our premium survey includes existing conditions and a photographic survey as an invaluable connection with “Elements of Nature”


2. Existing Conditions


Sciography, The science associated with the calculation of cast and projected shadow forms can get extremely complicated and a subject best conveyed in its simplified form. Wilmar Schutz incorporates sciography into “Shadow Analysis” to test our understanding of how light source and tonal values and shadow massing impact on your architectural portrait before it proceeds to finished artwork. At “Shadow Analysis” (stage-3) a preliminary A3 watercolour design study that incorporates “Sciography" is presented to you. It’s an important quality step to gauge how depth, mood and atmosphere are perceived and incorporated into your architectural portrait. The projection of refracted light into shadow massing is of particular interest to us because this informs the liveliness and character of how shadows communicate with the finished artwork. Refer “work in progress”and Sciography.


3. Shadow Analysis

azalea-alpine-rhododendron-burmese pink-sounkyo-Japan-chris-wilmar-architect-for-wilmar-schutz

Client Layout (stage-4) is about showing the client a mock-up with the 1:100 scale plan and elevation with unique calligraphy in-place on a final full-sized watercolour sheet. This is not done digitally but physically taped down onto a final watercolour sheet as a dry-assembly to check the composition and visual balance. At this stage, a portrait or landscape orientation is considered and a high-resolution digital photograph for “Client Layout” is sent to you for approval. Once approval is received, care is taken to convert the measured site data and transfer this information into detailed line drawings of the plan and elevation onto 640gsm watercolour board, ready, for finished artwork.


4. Client Layout


Getting your portrait delivered... Project Delivery is the final stage of our Five‐Point Wilmar Schütz process which ensures final client changes are incorporated into the finished work before artwork is commenced. Our project delivery also consists of confirmation of your preferred method and options for sending and receiving your finished artwork view Terms and Conditions For various reasons, the delivery address and method of receiving might have changed during the life-cycle of the project, so we always double check these with you.


5. Project Delivery