Wilmar Schütz is best known for their restrained yet honest architectural watercolour portraits where colours are sourced from nature. We combine our architectural experience with specialist watercolour skills to produce stunning portraits for period and historic buildings. Each portrait is beautifully set-up and divinely unique and goes through three easy stages; Detail, Design and Delivery

All portraits are hand-drawn 30 x 23 (inches) and come beautifully packaged and delivered un-framed. Your portrait will encapsulate the ground floor plan and front elevation with correct architectural detailing and unique calligraphy with your building name. Each portrait carries the Wilmar Schütz hallmark of exceptional attention to detail and artistry. Our portrait process has three easy stages See below. 

Portrait Pricing & Timing

Each portrait attracts its own fee based on the size of the building, its complexity and the information supplied to us. We accommodate buildings of all sizes and complexity and provide custom portraits as well. The later, refers to portraits at a larger scale of an entrance portico or landscape plan with its feature elevation. All our quotations include postage, packaging and insurance into a lump-sum fee.

How long will the entire process take? This will depend on the size and complexity of the project, what information is supplied to us and our current workload. At the time of your quotation, we will be able to give you a reasonable timeframe and delivery date.