Existing Conditions

Establishing existing conditions is undoubtedly, one of the most important tasks to get right on any project and can involve a reasonable input of time and sadly, not given the importance that it deserves, or worse, is poorly done. Whether or not existing plans are available to us, the physical features of the building need to be verified. Most projects fall into one of three categories where naturally, each category attracts a different fee structure;   view Terms and Conditions.

1. Existing plans are available; If you have these, this makes it easier and less expensive for the client.

2. Existing conditions need to be established by an experienced local building practitioner in your area.

3. Wilmar Schütz specialise in the field of survey and can offer this service locally or overseas by arrangement. We realise of course, that your geographical location may not coincide with ours, however, our premium survey includes existing conditions and a photographic survey as an invaluable connection with “Elements of Nature”