With every new project, our very first step is the “Approval”  This is an important stage, because it sets out the subsequent stages of our five-point quality procedure from start to finish. In simple terms, the “Approval” sets out our fee for what we say and agree to do for each of our five stages. To kick-start the process, we suggest our obligation-free fee proposal which sits in our terms and conditions below and is based on your property details and choices. We add, that throughout the process our confidential and professional manner can be assured and that your information remains confidential. You might ask, how long will the entire process to take? Commissions can be completed from start to finish in a matter of months, however, it’s important to realise, each project is unique in size and complexity and passes through our Five‐Point quality procedure in a unhurried manner. Wilmar Schütz prides itself on quality and its unique factor where ‘Art Meets Architecture’ so; depending on workflow, size and complexity of the project we conservatively allow a turn around time of about six months. View Terms and Conditions

We warmly welcome your inquiry where ever you may be.