Chris Wilmar undertakes commissions to paint historic buildings across the globe. He is truly passionate about historic buildings and when he is not painting, you’re likely to find him volunteering with the National Trust where he is a life member.

As a descendent of three generations of Dutch seascape artists you’d have to say his ancestors have lent a helping hand to his artistic skill.   But it was Chris’s rural upbringing in New Zealand and Australia and his parent’s love for art and antiques that were his strongest influences.

Passion is one thing, but skill is another.  His true appreciation of the built form evolved from his education and work as an architect on large complex projects.  As a premium A+ member of the Australian Institute of Architects he has provided his professional advice to many grateful homeowners.

After his initial training with an elderly Dutch artist and architect, Chris has developed and honed his skills in watercolour through masterclasses and study tutors with other world-renowned artists.


A passionate quote about the love of
historic buildings and celebrating
them using watercolour

Chris Wilmar