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Larundel Estate

Larundel Estate, Cargerie, Victoria, Australia

The impeccably restored Larundel Estate at Cargerie combines its role as a colonial country retreat of immense character and style. Today, it’s core function remains as a highly successful large-scale agricultural and genetics enterprise of around 2,500 acres producing ultra-fine Marino wool.

Property History

Designed by notable colonial architect Joseph Watts, this magnificent 90 square Victorian Italianate mansion was built by the Austin family in 1891 as a ‘gentleman’s residence’ and reflects the boom era prosperity that defined late 19th century Victoria.

Architectural Features

The spectacular Larundel homestead and ancillary buildings are built of polychromatic triple‐brick and local bluestone. The homestead has cast iron concave encircling verandahs to three sides with exceptionally rich cast-iron ornamentation to the main entrance portico and eaves valance. Wide sweeping verandahs and hip rooves help break up and articulate the main roof forms. Simple interconnecting roof geometry with cast iron finials and towering hob-nail chimneys give Larundel its unique and masculine appearance.

Internally, Larundel’s grand accommodation is cleverly set-out by colonial architect Joseph Watts using four separate axes to zone and group living and sleeping areas. The homestead has 15 foot (4.6m) high ceilings which ensure all principal rooms enjoy grand proportions.

Special Comments from Chris Wilmar, Architect

The majestic Larundel, has equally spectacular gardens  designed by world renowned landscape designer Paul Bangay. The five acre formal garden integrates with parklands, lake and manicured rolling lawns to form forty hectares of tranquillity. The property’s standout features include a polo field, a 900m airstrip and helipad, croquet lawns, a tennis court and a large lake. It also boasts extensive frontages to the Williamsons Creek, Leigh River and Yarrowee River of north-west Victoria.

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