Wilmar Schütz is a Melbourne based studio that works across Australia and operates internationally. We are privileged to have created fabulous watercolour portraits for owners of the most magnificent heritage properties. We combine our professional architectural experience with specialist watercolour skills to produce stunning watercolour portraits that are divinely unique. Your portrait will carry the Wilmar Schütz hallmark of exceptional attention to detail and artistry. We warmly welcome your enquiry, kind regards Chris Wilmar

Work in Progress

The following three exhibits Ravenswood, Dalvui and Eynesbury showcase how typically Work in Progress is staged. Existing conditions are established with building measurements together with photographic references to inform the unique character of the building and its surroundings. During this process, the client is presented with a preliminary design study and plan to appreciate balance of light, tonal values, shade and shadow massing. Once approval is received, finished artwork on 640gsm watercolour board is commenced.


Work for Sale

The following exhibits are for sale and can be purchased (terms and conditions apply) of these beautiful early Australian historic buildings as portraits size 56 x 76 cm (1’10” x 2’6″) on 640gsm watercolour board (unframed) A choice of portrait or landscape format is available; however, with few exceptions, most commissions suit portrait format. We warmly welcome your inquiry and happy to answer any questions.