Inspirational Japan

Follow your sense of exploration and intrigue and discover what makes Japan truly unique

Staying within your comfort zone gives us an insane sense of security. It remains however, our natural instinct to explore new frontiers, new ideas and new destinations. For centuries, architects, artisans and designers and people from all walks of life are drawn to Japan for inspiration. Is it their unique art and indelible cultural thread? or their clever way for do things? or their exacting standards with everything they do? In 2015 I embarked on a self-guided arts cultural and architecture tour of Japan which included sketching and painting at UNESCO world heritage sites. The Itsukushima Shrine at Hiroshima and three World Heritage temples at Kyoto as well as, the Royal Palace Tokyo set in a spectacular back-drop of cherry blossoms.


Wilmar Schutz Torii gate, Hiroshima Japan Chris Wilmar Architect  Wilmar Schutz Mimashu-Ya modern Japanese Kyoto Chris Wilmar Architect  Wilmar Schutz The Golden Zen temple Kinkakuji UNESCO World heritage Kyoto Chris Wilmar Architect  Wilmar Schutz Japanese cerimonial wedding dress Tokyo 2015 Chris Wilmar Architect  Wilmar Schutz Japanese girls in kimono during Sakura festival Kyoto Chris Wilmar Architect   Wilmar Schutz Lotte, the legendary Japanese icecream Chris Wilmar Architect  Wilmar Schutz Harajuku fashion playground for middle-class Japanese girls with anxious owner Tokoyo Chris Wilmar Architect